Why And When To Consult A Psychologist?

There is no wrong or right time to benefit from psychological support. Certain signals can alert you and lead you to make an appointment.

Following a difficulty

Consulting a psychologist proves beneficial as soon as a difficulty manifests itself in a significant way, thus disrupting your social, professional life, or your romantic relationships. This difficulty can have an impact on your mood, your fears or your self-confidence. If this impact seems significant to you, engaging in therapy can help.

When a problem resurfaces

You can also consult a psychologist when a problem resurfaces. If you have never undergone psychotherapeutic follow-up for a problem from your childhood or that occurred earlier in your life, it is not too late to start. On the contrary, certain therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy are based on your previous experiences.

As soon as your mental well-being is impacted

When suffering is affecting your mental well-being, making an appointment is a meaningful first step. Your attending physician can then advise psychological follow-up. However, going to see a psychologist remains a personal process and decision. Knowing when to consult is above all specific to your feelings and a desire for change.

When to consult a psychiatrist?

When troubles appear

The psychiatrist is the appropriate health professional to treat serious disorders such as bipolar disorders or phobias for example. A psychologist with university training and specialized in certain disorders can also support you. However, the care and treatment will not be medical but psychotherapeutic.

When treatment is needed

Unlike the psychologist, the psychiatrist can prescribe medication for you. If you wish to seek medical treatment, consulting a psychiatrist is preferable. Its job is to diagnose and treat psychological disorders, mental illnesses or psychological suffering. At One Wellness, our team is made up of clinical psychologists but also psychiatrists for complete care.

Why go see a psychologist?

The psychologist is a health professional capable of supporting you on a wide spectrum of issues. It is an approach demonstrating a desire to work on oneself, with the aim of moving towards self-fulfillment.

Consult a psychologist for support during difficult life moments

The psychologist can see you occasionally during difficult times or start therapy over several sessions for regular monitoring. This mental health professional is qualified to support you during difficult events: bereavement, separation, illness, etc.

Consult a psychologist after pregnancy

Certain important changes, such as the arrival of a child, can impact your personal, marital and family life. A psychologist specializing in parenting support can help you with emotional issues (emotion management, depression, etc.). It can also help you find harmony as a couple following the arrival of a child.

Consult a psychologist to better manage relationships with loved ones

To establish more peaceful relationships, the psychologist can help you better understand your own emotions and behaviors. The psychologist can also provide tools to improve your communication and clearly express your needs through individual therapy.

At One Wellness, the psychologist can help you progress through a personalized program with advice and tools. If you wish to include your loved ones in this process, you can then turn to family therapy or couples therapy.

Consult a psychologist to treat mental disorders

The psychiatrist is the most qualified professional to treat mental disorders medically. If you want non-medical treatment, a psychologist can support you through psychotherapy. Regular meetings with a psychologist can be effective in overcoming anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, phobias or mood disorders.

Clinical psychologists are also qualified to treat addictive disorders such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, tobacco addiction. The psychologist focuses more on the causes that come from your unconscious to help you overcome these disorders.

Consult a psychologist to help you professionally

Professional issues can have a significant impact on your personal life. The occupational psychologist can help you on several points: stress management, support in career transition, prevention of psychosocial risks, etc. A clinical psychologist can also help you with issues of suffering at work or burn-out. Returning to work can be a source of anxiety or stress following an extended work stoppage. In this case, carrying out psychotherapy allows you to experience your recovery more peacefully. On One Wellness you can consult a psychologist specializing in professional issues.

Consult a psychologist to confide freely

Psychologists are health professionals bound by professional secrecy. You can therefore exchange freely, with complete confidence and without fear of feeling judged. Sometimes it’s hard to find a listening ear. Confiding in loved ones can be a source of stress or fear. From the first meeting, the psychologist knows how to put you at ease, so that you can feel safe and listened to.

Consult a psychologist for your child

The child psychologist or child psychologist has received specific training to support children and adolescents. It is sometimes complicated for parents to determine if their child needs psychological support. Often the attending physician, pediatrician or teachers can suggest that parents begin follow-up. The reasons can be multiple: sleep disorders, eating disorders, difficulties in social relationships, suffering, etc.

Consult a psychologist to guide you in your personal goals

A psychologist also helps you seek personal growth or maximize your potential. It can guide you in managing stress, or improving self-confidence. It supports you in identifying internal obstacles such as limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns.

In summary, the choice to consult a psychologist is mainly based on your own experience and feelings. It is essential to pay attention to signals and recognize problem behaviors. The reasons for consulting are varied. Psychologists on One Wellness are recruited for their expertise in several areas: suffering at work, addictions, parenting, etc. They offer personalized support based on several issues.

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