All About Baldy Vampire Manga

This story is about a guy named Ryuji who becomes a vampire, but there is a twist, he loses all his hair! He becomes a vampire without pointy teeth and with a bald head. That is Ryuji’s new life.

Ryuji is not going through this weird journey alone. He gets help from Luna, another vampire who teaches him the ropes. His best friend, Kaito, stands by him through thick and thin. Come and join the fun as we explore the story of “Baldy Vampire.”

Plot of The Story

Ryuji is a regular guy turned vampire, trying to regain his powers and humanity. Along the way, he is dealing with all sorts of problems and facing some vampires, known as the Council of Vampires, who are not very friendly and are in charge.

The story takes you into this vampire world, showing how things get pretty complicated with all the politics and fights within the Council. Ryuji’s not just fighting for himself; he has friends like Luna and his best buddy Kaito standing by him.

So, Ryuji’s not just dealing with baldness and fangs; a whole political drama is happening. The story is about Ryuji growing up and making unexpected friends in the vampire world. It is a mix of funny, exciting, and touching moments that keep you hooked!

Main Characters of The Story

Let us look at the main characters:


Ryuji is the main character in the story. He used to be a regular guy, but things changed when he became a vampire. Now, he is on a journey to regain the powers and humanity he lost. The story is about Ryuji and how he deals with the challenges of being a vampire.


Luna is an important character in the story. She acts as a guide and friend to Ryuji, helping him understand his new vampire powers. Besides giving advice, Luna supports Ryuji emotionally, being a good friend during his journey.


Kaito is Ryuji’s best friend. He does not leave Ryuji’s side when things get tough, facing challenges together. Kaito shows how having good friends is important, especially when Ryuji is dealing with vampire problems.

Themes of The Story

“Baldy Vampire” talks about being okay with yourself and fixing mistakes, which is called redemption. Ryuji’s journey is about accepting being a bald vampire and making up for things he did wrong.

As Ryuji deals with what he did, the manga might show how saying sorry or doing things to make up for mistakes affects how he gets along with other characters. This redemption idea makes Ryuji’s relationships with others in the vampire world more enjoyable.

And it is not only Ryuji; the manga might also explore redemption for other characters. Everyone, whether a vampire or a human, could be on their journey of trying to be better.

This makes the story more interesting because it discusses how things can get better, even in vampire’s world. It talks about changing, forgiving, and having a chance for improvement.

Humor and Action in The Story

The “Baldy Vampire” manga is fun because it mixes jokes with exciting fights. The funny parts come from Ryuji being a bald vampire, making the story light and enjoyable. At the same time, there are action scenes where Ryuji battles tough enemies and gets better at his vampire powers.

The jokes in the manga, mainly from Ryuji’s unique situation, make it fun to read. They add a playful touch to the story, making it less serious. On the other hand, the action parts, where Ryuji fights tough opponents, keep the story exciting and make you want to know what happens next.

The manga gives you a bit of everything, laughs from the funny moments and excitement from the action scenes. It is a good mix that makes Ryuji’s adventure as a bald vampire both fun and exciting.


“Baldy Vampire” is a fun and exciting manga that makes people laugh and feel entertained. The story follows Ryuji, a regular guy turned bald vampire, on his journey to regain his lost powers and humanity with the support of his friends Luna and Kaito.

“Baldy Vampire” is a mix of funny, exciting, and touching moments that keep people interested. It invites everyone to enjoy Ryuji’s journey, celebrating friendship, acceptance, and the chance for things to get better, even in a world with vampires.

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